Comod 3 Bootime Protection

I am using now the Comodo Firewall 3 only the basic Firewall Protection with Defense+ diabled (because i don’t need it i have another solution that i use) my question is wheré can i find to enable the Bootíme Protection in version 3 in version 2.4 i know where the setting was.

I too Couldnt find the option…

So you know where is is in v2.4?

I never knew there was a Bootime protection options in v3? I don’t think needs to be an option for that in v3, because of Comodo’s kernel services always load up first, So your protected from BOOT first go.??


There is no such option in CFP 3.


Sure there was a setting in version 2.4. I have attached a picture from version 2.4 (german interface) Bu i have found a setting in version 3 in defense + setting it called something like “block all connections before the service is started”

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