comocd system cleaner

Hello can someone tell me the defult settings for comodo system cleaner ,i scaned my registry after i made a few adjustments and lost my outlook express contacts,favorites,and would not let me log on ,defult settings would be great to have so i dont mess up again,thank-you mlars


The default settings for the cleaning modules are the following:

  • for Registry Cleaner: all the categories, except System Services and Filter Entries
  • for Disk Cleaner: only Windows Temp Directory, Recent Files List, Unused icons and Recycle Bin
  • for Privacy Cleaner:
    1. Applications - depends on the installed applications, usually the options regarding favorites, history, bookmarks, etc are not selected by default
    2. Windows - all categories except Media Player Playlists

Before proceeding with a cleaning operation we are recommending you to check the selected options, especially those regarding privacy.