Community team-based testing and evaluation of security products...

Good luck.

You can also incorporate real user feedback to your system…

sounds like a good system if implemented.

Its actually cool when you have the same thoughts as Melih.

Cool eh!? :-TU

About the chat, there’s Cbox( There’s one more(chatango) but :-X . The chat itself will require moderation.

If it’s possible to make such format of tests that everyone can repeat any test then it only increases the credibility of the tests.

That’s how I want it to be, credible!
And fair and true test for all involved!
For the time being I’ll have to do it in VMWare, but later if I can get a dedicated testing machine it would be even better!

Very very very well done, man! :slight_smile: :-TU

That’s what I plan to do… All details would be available for questioning and research and if there’s a major deviation or anomaly or majority are not satisfied, all complaints will be reviewed and test repeated.
Since all this would be free, we would be severely restricted with time and resources [9-6 job, a child under way, girlfriend] I might not do tests every day but surely I can manage on weekends [saturday and sunday]…
In 10 hours, I start writing, wish me luck bro’s :slight_smile:
As per suggestion, first post would be updated with dates so it’s easier to keep track on what’s new… :slight_smile:

As promised, on first post I uploaded what I wrote.
Beware, it’s ugly and disorganized for the beginning, but I promise it would be nice :slight_smile:
If someone would read it and tell me opinions what to change, what to add etc so it’s acceptable enough :slight_smile:

When Guidelines and Methodology is done, next objective would be to design how a test report would look like :-TU

Sounds interesting :slight_smile:

Could have you found any that is video responsible? If you want I could take my time and give you feedback.

I know very little HTML coding but when I know more I will help you; html coding is not as hard as java or c++.

I made my first video with Camstudio and it went quite good for beeing the first time. in other words I will help making reviews.

Valentin N

Thanks! :-TU
This is still in baby steps, you know, for now I want good foundation.
After that, rest is easy, more or less…
You could be my testing partner and while I test product X, you do Y and things will get faster and easier!
All under one channel… :slight_smile:
If we don’t get video producer, then we would either have to try ourselves do video editing and effects or do without editing…

everything depends how professional you want it. Check your PM btw :slight_smile:

How about some intro animation with music with flashing text?
And probably to name this group something?
And we would need a logo and an organisation chart, to see who does what…
Also, custom made desktop wallpaper!
I already have the website guy on the team, we will try to start making something next week…
I will brainstorm that tomorrow.
I did, and I am impressed, you’re in! :-TU :slight_smile:

I will explore to see how music is added and other good stuff.

I suggest that the website it W3C certificated.

Very well and I will check out Corel

And thanks for taking time to review the document, bro, I appreciate it!!! :slight_smile: :-TU :-TU :-TU

Our team is growing, we now covered R&D Dept :-TU :-TU :-TU
Thanks morphiusz for joining in :slight_smile:

This is growing faster than I originally expected, so for tomorrow, I want to have organizational chart to see who does what so it’s easy for tracking…
I will make it, so when I ask you here, all report in and state your position and responsibilities.

All you guys help me a lot and I am proud of you and for your determination, you have my respect! :slight_smile:

You’re welcome, and i think when everybody will work hard, you(we) can become a reliable(small, but reliable) testing group.(or even proffessional as you mentioned).

It’s not gonna be easy, that’s for sure…
But as you said, not me, but WE, we can become a reliable testing group!
A kind of group that’s not simply youtube malwaredomainlist copy paste, or someone who gets money from the big boys and praises some product or someone who just puts pdf’s with no clue what is being done or how…

To be professional, we need to look and be professional :-TU We are getting there, slowly but surely :slight_smile:
I want this to be big and have big ambitions, let’s see how much support we get, so far, I am extremely pleased how things turned out!!! :-TU
Way better than I expected!!!

Hey there GakunGak, check your PM… I sent some options for you to select and when you decide, we can go public to the community to hear their ideas.

I was thinking for a name of the Community.
And it came up that what the community its going to do are tests… right?

Well, then I did a little research and came up with SMART SET, which is a sense for society/community.
The community test are going to be made by humans and more realistics, hence the SMART part. :wink:

Then I came up with this acrostic:
SMART SET (SET=Society for Evaluations and Testing) of Security Products

But was not convinced, then thought on:
SMART TEST (TEST=Tally and Evaluation of Security products Team)

Later on, thought that just as it is, it also says everything: SMART TEST.
Or if we want to use TALLY (a current score or amount) which is what the Community will do… then can be:
SMART TALLY COMMUNITY for security products.

I dunno. What do you think team (GakunGak)?
Any other ideas or concepts?

If description of testing procedures is simple, clear, detailed and easy to repeat then many participants can produce tests and we can get extensive statistics to analyze.

[at]W-E-W: I just woke up, I like the SMART TEST :-TU

That’s the objective, to be clear and seen by anyone, with as many details and info as possible…
Maybe with a little history to keep track how every product performed…

Thanks to w-e-w, who designed a concept for the Community Identit
Do with it as you like, you have unlimited freedom, w-e-w.
Hopefully on Monday, we start planning on website design… Clear, easy to navigate, elegant…
After that, we setup a YouTube Channel, then we make “Command-and-Control Center” where the group will gather and coordinate the process…
After that is done, a pilot test would be made to see how it looks like and what the people think so we can adjust it before we start, I think in 30 days from now we can finish it and be ready to roll… :-TU
Once that happens, every Saturday or Sunday would be the release date for the test and report…
My primary objective now is to finish rules and guidelines by Sunday night.

Its the Community Identity Concept. Of course it can be improved further on (with everybodys help).
What I think when I see these concept is on: Security, Network, Community, Software

Please TEAM find attached to this post the concepts for the Community Identity and choose whatever you like the most or want to be edited with your ideas.

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