[Community Poll] Are you ready for Vista?


It has been a long time since we have had a community poll, as we all know the 2006 year is coming to an end, and the 2007 year is approaching. With the new year new technologies will be available along with new software. Here is a poll about Windows Vista and what you will do when it is released in January.

What version will you purchase? Please select one of the choices above. This poll will expire in 1 week (7 days) from when it started.

Also I have given you all the ability to change/remove your votes if you have a change of heart.

Thanks you all for your votes :smiley:


Feel free to post any comments you may have ;D

Vista is going to take a couple of years to sort itself out. It will be an interesting learning experiance for Microsoft and just interesting for the rest of us (:LGH) .

Their are too many variables right now, the DRM aspects. How successful hackers are going to be, what problems and instability is going to exist.

One sure fact is that the transition from XP to Vista is not going to be smooth, most likely about the same from XP to Linux so not sure what i am going to do their…

I will wait until you guys have sorted out all the bugs… ;D

I will wait for my next PC in a few years ;D

Then a new OS will be available… :wink:

Lol, I don’t think Vista will last as long as XP either, Microsoft is already developing their new OS codenamed “Vienna” which was announced in February of 2000. For more information on Microsoft’s supposed new OS please visit This site.

I’ll probably stick with XP (which I mainly use for gaming anyway ;D ). Have been dual booting between XP and openSUSE for a while now. If I hadn’t tried the Linux route then maybe I would have shown more interest in Vista. To be honest, I’m looking forward more to KDE 4.


So am I ;D

I didn’t know KDE 4 was coming out, but seen it is i am now looking forward to it (-:

You forgot to add Vista Enterprise.

Because this poll was made for the users, not the enterprises :wink:

Unfortunately, it’s not available yet :cry: but a technical preview is available to developers.



I wont be upgradin to it or buyin it & wont even be usin the free upgrade to Vista Home Basic.

To me Vista is just XP with a face lift & a few nods to user security, all the really usefull features like the WinFS file system etc are missin & most of the new security aspects of Vista are there to suit the movie\record companies (ie DRM, Blu-ray & HD content protection)

That is why we need Vista specific drivers as all the new DRM ■■■■ needs them, Vista will also turn off certain outputs like SPDIF etc when playin protected content.

It took till SP2 before XP was a stable reliable OS, Vista is lookin more & more like a new version of WinME.

M$ are still usin the marketin line that it will be the safest, most secure OS yet, funny i rem them sayin the exact same thing about XP which when it was released already had about 17 security patches waitin for it on WindowsUpdate.

I think Vista will be a big flop for M$, yes they will make the usual killin with OEM sales but retail sales will fall dramatically.

Vista? I’ve not installed XP Pro yet! The CD is still collecting dust on a shelf. ;D

Lol that poor CD ;D

Well, this looks like a good a place as any to unveil my very first post… I’m not going to go with Vista… I prefer to “Upgrade” my system… And locking all my content away inside of a Microsoft-Approved OS encasing my files is NOT the answer…

Heck, I’d be dual-booting Gentoo already if I could get the ■■■■ thing to install… Guess I should try another flavor of Linux. However, using the Litestep program as my shell has opened up a lot of options on how to customize my desktop, but the customization process is pretty involved…
I understand that hacking your desktop in Linux can be more straightforwards. I like the idea of being able to make my computer work my way.

For me, Vista is the final death ■■■■ to the Microsoft world. It’s been edging it’s way towards me ever since the release of this “Windows Based Operating System” they say they are working on. I remember looking at Win95 and thinking, “Why the hell do you want your PC to look like a MAC? Why not just buy a Mac? This will never make it as an operating system, only idiots run windows.”

Guess I was wrong on that one… or, perhaps I’m just another one of those idiots.

Sorry for the ramblings… my post doesn’t sound all that coherent in proofreading, and I’ve no clue how I’d want to rewrite it… Being New Years and all, I’ll blame alcohol for the incoherence.

Oh yeah… Anyone able to answer “Why Comodo?” Just wondering if the name has any siginificance to anything, maybe referring to something in computer history or something?

Hi CameronB & welcome to the forums.

How Comodo got its name

Ever wonder why the world’s most innovative identity and trust assurance company is called Comodo?

Well, it started with what we have in common with the Komodo dragon. It’s the largest dragon in the species, the most powerful and adaptable. Remind you of anything? Yup, the internet. Then we changed the K to C to show our powerful commitment to commerce, communications, even, .com. We’re back to the internet.

We’re all about slaying all the fraudsters, hackers and anyone else who creates untrustworthiness on the internet. We’re all about creating trust online.

Source: Endpoint Detection and Response, Free - What is EDR Security?

If you are a beginner to Linux I recommend starting off with Ubuntu or Kubuntu, then when you get comfortable with that you may wish to go to the more advanced Linux flavors :slight_smile:

hello very good Vista Ultimate +1