Commodo stop internet access via Wifi after sleeping mode of my laptop


Everything works fine when I start my laptop, it connects to the router via wifi and access Internet.
But if the laptop fall asleep, Commodo forbid the connection at wake up !!
Any idea ?

Thank’s for your help.


You need to add a Application Rule for Svchost with the Parent Services allowing UDP traffic in and out to port 67 and 68 respectively… See the top listed Topic in the FAQs.

Also make sure you’ve set the IP addresse of your Router as Trusted… Also see Faqs


Thank you,
I will read the FAQ and try to do my best to solve the problem.

Thank you also to Comodo Team cause I had a virus 'autorite NT\system" and I blocked the bad “services.exe” with the firewall and then remove the wrong prog.

Super tool