Commodo scanning for update too frequently.

since last version update a couple of days ago (I have version, Commodo Firewall check for an update about every hour, maybe less. but everytime it check, my computer freeze for 10 to 20 seconds. The mouse cursor freeze, The application I’m working in loose focus. It’s really irritating. I don’t see why Commodo Firewall have to check for an update so often, It’s not like there’s an update every hour! Is there any way to solve this problem, other than disabling the “check for update” option? Thank-you.


You can do what I have done…

Add/edit the Application Monitor rule for cpfudat.exe, and set it to “Ask” instead of “Allow.” Then you’ll get a popup to let you know that it wants to connect. If you want to, click Allow without “Remember;” if you don’t want, click Deny without “Remember” (this way you won’t change your rule…).

Hope that helps,


Hi, Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile: But this mean that I have to confirm this check every hour. for someone who work on his computer, it’s really annoying.

You may want to file a ticket with Support then, to see if they have better suggestions/solutions…

I’m on the computer all day, and don’t experience CFP attempting to update every hour. In fact, not even once per day.

Not sure why yours would be; thus Support may be your best option to get it resolved.


Looks like every user’s experience is different.