Commodo Firewall PRO Problem : I could not run anything

I do really need your help !!
I installed Commodo Firewall Pro , it was very usefull ;
The problem is that some how i could not run anything now on my PC
Even , when i want to shut it down ,i got access denied window
I could not even start windows in safe mode to uninstall it !! (:AGY)

The DVD driver could not be opened , so that i can not uninstall Windows !!

I don’t know how to solve this problem,
I will be grateful if you help :BNC
Thanks in advance

Evening Shiny And Welcome To The Forums
What Ver Of Firewall do you have?

Solution 1
Can you boot in safe mode? (Restart Machine > Tap F8 Til The Advance Boot Screen Comes Up > Choose Boot In Safe Mode) > Defense > Advance > Computer Security Policy > Remove Explorer.exe > Apply > Open CSP Back Up > Add explorer.exe > Use Predfined Policy > Windows System Application

Did this help you?


Hello CG,

Thanks a lot , it worked finally :BNC
But I have not done exactly as you told me
In fact, the F8 does not work and i could not start safe mode using advanced boot screen
but you gave me the key to solve this problem
i sarted windows, i killed process explorer.exe, then i opened task manager-> start a process ->msconfig-> reboot in safe mode and then i did exactly what you told me (:CLP)
you were right , for ‘explorer.exe’ was applied custom policy and i changed it into ‘windows system application’
the only problem that remains is how to change the configuration of COMMODO so that i can open my DVD driver (i am a new user of COMMODO )

thanks another time for your quick response
have a nice day (:WAV)

What Make (And Possible Model) is your DVD Drive