Commodo Firewall Free 8.2 - No RDP possible

i’ve just installed a new commodo firewall in version 8.2. I wanted to open Port 3389 for RDP and did this also in my “global rules” on third position which should be fine. BUT i cannot RDP my computer and i see in commodo logs that the rdp connections are blocked. So you can image that i’m confused on how to make it possible to rdp my computer with this great free firewall?

Not only do you need to create a global rule to allow the connection attempts, you also need to make the same rule for the application that is responsible for handling the RDP connection under application rules. What exactly does the log indicate for blocked intrusions? That might give you the name and path to the application that handles RDP.

Unfortunately it targets the “svchost.exe” but that cannot be the appilcation i can “trust” completely. I mean svchost.exe does a lot!

2016-02-13 23:45:42 C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe Blocked IN TCP 56282 3389

You don’t need to fully trust svchost but you do need to create the allow incoming rule for RDP to work.