Commodo Firewall and UDK

Hi there.
I use the Unreal Engine (Unreal Development Kit, UDK) a lot and I use Commodo Firewall. And everytime I build my levels the Lightmass asks the Firewall for Clearance. This annoys me, because I have to click ok every time. And this can be up to 10x in 1 hour and more. Since UDK copies the binary lightmass.exe to a different location each time, this is really an annoying issue.
I have tried to allow all programs for port 8008 on but the firewall keeps asking…
Thanks for any input.

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Could you please post a screenshot of the multiple firewall rules for that application or a screenshot of the logs.


Here are some Screenshots. As I said, the problem is that UDK copies the .exe to a new SwarmCache everytime.


What setting is the firewall Custom Policy or Safe Mode.

Also in your rule what is the Source Port is it any.


I have tried and any. And also any for Destination. Custom Mode does not work too, but normally I am in Safe Mode.
Easiest would be to add a complete exception for all Files in D:\Source\UDK* but Commodo does not allow this.

Sorry that will teach me for not looking at your log properly I was looking at the wrong side :-[

I see now nothing to do with the actual firewall rule it is the application path that changes.

There might be a way round this will try on my computer first.


I have now tried this with one of my applications with * in the path no problems works fine.

Sorry it is bit of a long job.

I would not advise using the shorter path D:\Source\UDK* it is better to include the full application path at all times, you do this at your own risk.

Use of a D:\Source\UDK* creates a security risk by allowing all applications in that folder or applications placed there in the future all access rights that you have allowed for that group.

Two screenshots so you see what it should look like not sure if you need in/out for firewall rule.

Please be careful when you are in the Groups screen not to remove any groups.

Once you finished it will be a valid rule you cannot remove it with purge.


Go to Defense+ \ Computer Security Policy \ Protected files and folders tab

Click Groups then click Add \ A New Group, type your group name (Custom?) click apply

Scroll to bottom, right click on Add files here, click add type path were it says Add new item click + at the end then apply \ apply \ OK

You have your new group now first screenshot

Go to Firewall \ Network Security Policy click Add, click on Select \ File Groups \ Your new Group (Custom) Select.

Now add your Firewall rule in then click Apply \ OK Second screenshot

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You Sir, are a mastermind. It worked. Big thanks… one annoyance less :D.
Kudos to you.

Your welcome :slight_smile:

Happy it works.


Just in case you did not use the full path I suggested.

No problems with the current firewall rule only internal. (unless you are running a proxy on Port 8008)

Please note if you use the group with a short path any applications in that folder will have the same access rights as lightmass.exe for any further rules you may make.


Edit Original post amended to reflect this.

Thanks, I am aware of that. I have used the same Path than you with the wildcard for the md5 hash.