Commodo bug

I posted earlier but since i have had a notice thats come up thats said ooops comodo firewall has a bug and ive sent off the error report.In the log files there is a lot of high application behaviour suspicious behaviour (svchost.exe)on ports 137,68,123,139,137,67,80,443,please advise im pulling my hair out.

I think these may all be related to the recent windows updates. Can you post some of the the log entries here for the ports you mention in your post.


Description- suspicious behaviour(svchost.exe)

Application - c:\windows\system\svchost.exe

Parent- services.exe

protocol- TCP out

destination- 80

These are the same as above but with UDP in not TCP out


same as above but with UDP out


same as above but with TCP out


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would it be a good idea then to uninstall then reinstall commodo then?Also am i to assume thats it ok and that its due to recent windows updates.Also i have run antivirus and it hasnt picked up anything

I don’t think you need to if the fault is due to M$ (;D), but the only thing that’s of real concern is the error report in your first post.