Commodo brief alert when shutting down computer

For a few days now, every time I shut down the computer I see a Commodo security alert flash on the screen momentarily. It flashes on very briefly before the computer shuts down. I am not able to read it. How do I find out what the alert was?

It probably was from Defense +. Check the Defense logs +. They are under View Defense + Events.

Are you running in Paranoid Mode?


Thank you for the response. No, I am not running on paranoid mode.

This is what I am seeing on the Defense log:


And there are multiple entries over the past few days that are always C:\Windows\TEMP\4A and then different combinations of letters and numbers

The application is Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\UBUpdater service\ibsvc.exe

What’s happening?


It could be InstallBrain Updater: Is "Install Brain Service" a feature of Firefox? It shows up in task manager. | Firefox Support Forum | Mozilla Support . Judging by the information in that link you should be able to uninstall it or disable the service.

InstallBrain Updater = IBUpdater?

I found the folder in “all users.”

Looks like I need to clean out the all users folder.

Thank you.

The ibsvc.exe seems to be the culprit and I am getting a pop up saying I cannot not delete. Is it a locked file? Do I need to use MalwareBytes program for eliminating locked files to eliminate?

just uninstall the program if you don’t need it.

I have this issue with dropbox.