commodo blocks adobe updater,how to unblock please?

cannot update adobe flash so i cannot post on my facebook wall because of that!
i already checked in setting and adoble is already in allowed files…

are you getting any errors when you try and update

yes installation fail at 50%

if you disable comodo does it install correctly?

no,i tried

Hi play,
What browser are you using?

opera updated

Do you get any Comodo alerts when it fails?


With no alerts from Comodo, we are not certain that it is Comodo stopping the update.
In case of some small browser glitch I would try updating through a different browser or download the latest version of Flash and do an uninstall/reinstall with the latest.
Flash at Filehippo
Flash at Adobe

finally i dont think its commodo the problem
on facebook i tried to post pics on my wall but i cant,so i tought adobe was out of date but couldnt update so i tought it was commodo fault but its not
cos with another facebook account i can post pics on the wall
thanks 4 your help

Hi play,
Thanks for posting back with your findings. :slight_smile:
I hope you find a solution for the FB issue.
Maybe clearing your browser data might help.

My CIS won’t give me an auto-update for the Adobe Flash unless I restart my PC. But it’s not the case with you.

I think this is not CIS prob. Happened with me couple of time. One time I had Avast Free & Windows FW & One time CIS Suite. Both the times I tried disabling the security software but the same prob.

Adobe Flash updates from 1 – 100%. 1 – 50% it downloads the updates & 50 - 100% it installs the updates.

The prob occurs between 1 - 50% i.e during the downloads. May be due to some occassional issues with Adobe servers coz subsequent tries i.e 3 - 4 tries & it updates successfully.

Adobe updater can fail due to browser settings or connection glitches.

Please download the Flash uninstaller from this page to completely uninstall Flash.

Then get the latest Flash Player for Active X (I.E.) and Netscape plugins (all other browsers) from Adobe or Filehippo.