Comments on v3

I have been using v3 for about a week and have been totally blown away. Its amazing. Im usually rather indifferent to new software. If it does what I hope, great, if it doesnt, oh well. So I dont think I have ever been so excited by something that I had to go to the forum and post about it.

I was using 2.4 previously, and Sygate before that, and was happy with both at the time, but this is just something else. It has really opened my eyes and I absolutely love D+. I have it set to the one just below paranoid and its very reassuring to see all those pop ups every time I introduce a new application or do something different with an existing one. No more just hoping nothing has installed a global hook or is accessing the keyboard whilst im launching my online poker app and inputting my u/p. (Its also nice to know what some of those shady poker sites are doing with their software too.) And the pop ups are not annoying at all. I hardly see them during my day to day usage now, not counting installing new apps.

I honestly came here expecting to see the board awash with pages and pages of praise. I was very surprised at the mixed feelings. I can only assume its because I started using from and perhaps missed some of the teething troubles?

I only have two minor annoyances right now. Firstly, it seems sometimes I have to uncheck “block unknown apps when CFP is not loaded” in D+ to get certain windows updates to install on shutdown. Second, the password protection is now a little too stringent for me. It would be nice to control what settings need the password so I dont need to type it just to view logs. Or it could remember the password until I close to system tray.

Maybe others more technical than me will uncover bugs or the need for some advanced functionality that I simply wouldnt think of. Im just a computer “user.” But for me, as long as it really is doing everything it says its doing right now, its already sent my security into a whole new age.

I appreciate this software so much that Im not even going to get the warez version.

Thank you for your feedback CPF3USER.

we really appreciate it