Comments on trustworthiness?

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Not to start a flame (not at all!) but I’m considering installing Comodo. On doing some reading up, I come across this:

"Important News About Comodo Firewall - We Are No Longer Recommending It!

As most of you know, the free firewalls are suddenly not free any longer. While it appears that Kerio will once again be offering a free version someday (they were recently purchased by Sunbelt software) they do not offer one as of this writing. Recently, in our quest to find a good free firewall, we came across “Comodo” firewall. We tested it and found it to work well and began to recommend it to our readers. We did our research on the program but not on the company that makes it. We have since learned that the same company that makes the Comodo Firewall, also makes an Internet Explorer Toolbar called, paradoxically, “Trust Toolbar”. It appears that the Trust Toolbar is anything but trustworthy. In fact it’s recognized by SpySweeper and other good anti-spyware as questionable software product and a browser/start page hijacker. While we never recommended the “Trust Toolbar” we did recommend the Comodo Firewall, not realizing that the company that makes both products was the same. Effective immediately we are not recommending the Comodo Firewall. Even though there is no evidence that there is anything questionable about Comodo Firewall we cannot support any company who makes spyware/adware/malware or any kind of questionable software at all. TC & EB."

(Source: hXttp:// , remove the X).

Now I do realize there’s not much detailed explanation over there, but still: does this sound familiar to anyone?

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You can read the truth here:,113.0.html

BTW, Welcome to the forums.

You’re right Marc, thanks, and I’m sorry for starting this thread and cluttering up the board. Only after posting this I just discovered there already is a thread about it which I am currently reading. Maybe a mod can delete this post of me?

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No problem Mike

Maybe you can get in touch with this TC outfit and ask them to correct their “mistake”!
making a mistake is one thing, holding on to it despite knowing that its a mistake is another!