Command Line Restoration

I am wondering, is there a way to restore to a particular snapshot, through the command line, by name?

For example, I may have a number of PC’s with a application on that runs a command requesting for a particular restoration to be restored by name.

Is this possible? If not, what are the chances of having this implemented for a future release?

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Hi … at present, you may use CTM’s sub-console at boot-up (“Home” key) to restore a snapshot/baseline. Which is very convenient !

If one can’t reach CTM’s sub-console at boot-up, which means CTM or system’s MBR has been messed up, there is no sense to use Command Line Restoration then.

Thank you for your reply.

I need to use the command line restoration whilst working in an active windows session.


Go to start
Restore to a snapshot by name

I know a piece of software called RX Rollback supplies this functionality.

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There is a tool in the CTM folder that is the command line.
If you start it, the switches will be displayed.
I can’t remember its name. I’m not using CTM anymore.


Why aren’t you using CTM anymore?


Because the software is abandoned by Comodo and it’s not being developed.
The devs disappears from forums and support is null.

Another horror history…


Wow… that’s disappointing.

I have been using “Goback” on my XP and Win98 machines for over 10 years. I need a replacement my Win7 machines.

I thought maybe CTM was just getting a bad rap from people who were using it incorrectly.

GoBack had terrible reviews but it was reliable for me on 22 machines… Most people who had problems with goback used it incorrectly or had a hard drive failure where the hidden sectror was damaged.

I am not sure I want to load Comodo even on my test machine… I guess I can always re-image the drive if there is a problem, but it seems too probable that there will be a problem.

Have you chosen an alternative program?


No. Besides Windows and MS Office I have no paid software…
I love freewares. I earn three or four other programs licenses (avast among them).
I made an alternative way to live without CTM…

Mind you… Steve, Tech gave up using CTM was an act of protest against the Development Team’s halt (at least it seemed to be) on developing n putting up new versions and irresponsiveness on the CTM forum. He didn’t mention any problems with 2.9beta (the last version he used), on the other hand he said it worked with no problems for him.

It’s not a protest as the software is released for free.
It’s just I can’t trust my computer and data (CTM is not a toy… Everything depends on it!) to an abandonware.

No, I had a lot of problems…
Comodo drivers crashing and giving me BSODs. Major one: lose of data and time, once a day…
Incompatibility with other software (like avast sandbox).
Very long restore times (like 30 minutes)… and I can restore a full backup this way.
Lack of support (this become a problem when you’re beta testing…).

Tech, I must say you’re not Straight with me the other day when I asked how 2.9beta had worked for you :

Quote from: james321888 on January 16, 2011, 10:19:54 PM
Had 2.9beta worked reasonably well for you ?
Yes. Worst in performance than 2.8.
Quote from: james321888 on January 16, 2011, 10:19:54 PM
No problem with installation/rolling-back or uninstallation ?
Quote from: james321888 on January 16, 2011, 10:19:54 PM
Also if Avast kept on the system drive, any problem in rolling-back ?
No, why would I have problems?
(I understood that it took you from 20~30mins to rollback a snapshot, so you said the performance didn’t match 2.8version in that respect, and your answer to 2nd Q was a definite “No” which meant no problems !)

Also I understand when you used CTM you used it very vigorously as you’d set it to take a snapshot every hour. I set it to take a snapshot once a week, and not keeping more than 10 snapshots. I don’t know how many snapshots you kept normally. As I said I rollbacked a snapshot(not baseline) the other day, it took me less than 5 mins !


I haven’t used the software, but I understand Tech’s issues.

The whole purpose of CTM (to me) is to be able to quickly revert my drive after “bad” software installations, accidentally opening a questionable email, visiting a questionable site, or, just to go back little after a glitch happens.

I can always use acronis or macrium to re-image, but that is time consuming. This should be the quick way… but if it takes a lot of time to keep it running, it kind of defeats the purpose…

I am a little torn… I heard horror stories about goback but I had already been using that (since ~1990 when it was by wildfile) and never had a single problem on many machines. Most of the horror stories seemed to involve people who used it incorrectly.

I thought that was the case with CTM, just a bad wrap by incompetent users.

But guys like Tech make me worry… he seems very competent, put the time in to test it, and has had problems.

I am considering trying RollbackRx since it seems to be the same program without the issues.



Personally, I could deal with a slow restore…

I would want to take snapshots hourly though, not weekly. I am used to GoBack which you can literally go back a few seconds if you wanted to. (Great for recovering files you saved over).

And, I would need to be confident it would be able to uninstall properly so I could periodically take an image or update windows.

I could not handle having BSOD’s at all.


PS - Is this potentially a problem with not enough free space on the windows partition?

Hi Steve, you’re the man with Goback on 22 machines and have not had a single problem up to now. What an achievement ! :-TU

“I could not handle having BSOD’s at all.” — That’s what CTM’s supposed to handle and if it fails to serve this purpose… it’s not much of a useful tool. I think everyone agrees to that !

You started using Goback when it’s by wildfile, and I think with your pioneering spirit, there’s no reason for you not to set aside a Single machine to give CTM a go. As I said I rollbacked in less than 5 mins. (though I haven’t tried out the uninstallation and reinstallation aspects of CTM) But I do think 2.9beta version (which is what I’m using) looks promising. Not too many bad stories I’ve heard about it ! Suggest you go to “Beta Corner” and read 2.9beta’s info. then decide whether you’d give it a go… Keep in touch n Good day

Actually, not a real achievement… GoBack seemed to work smoothly from day one (until it was sold to Norton… I still only run V3.1 on my XP machines).

Ah, I was younger then…

I am going to image a fresh drive and give it a try for a few days.

I will report back!