command line parameters for toggling between firewall policies


I’d like some help on command line parameters to enable different modes of firewall.

my broadband connection is set up such that is always connected, i do not have to dial.

and my happy hour is from 2 am to 8 am (unlimited download time). which is why i have scheduled my torrent and other download applications to run between the above timings.

now, i usually wake up and i manually close the applications at about 7:30 am.

but on days i fail to up wake before 8, my downloads continue while eating up my bandwidth quota of the non free time.

so i figured if i could automatically turn on the “block all” mode of the firewall at 7:30 … no network activity would be allowed right? in other words am stopping all download activity well before 8am.

to make something like this happen first off i need to know the command line parameters to turn on the “allow all”, “custom” and “block all” modes.

and then saving the command line instruction as a batch file to be executed through scheduled tasks at a desired time :slight_smile:

so now if anybody could please tell me the command line parameters for enabling / toggling between different firewall policies?

thanks a lot , have a great day! :smiley:


I don’t actually know that there are any command line parameters for CFP, but you can achieve a similar result using the shutdown.exe utilitiy included in WinXP.

Just create a batch file with the following;

shutdown -f -r -t xxxxx

The “-f” forcibly closes all running applications, the “-r” forces a shutdown and reboot and the “xxxxx” is the number of second to wait before shutting down.

If you wanted the PC to be rebooted at 7:30AM and you were runnign this batch file at 10:30PM, the parameters would be as follows;

shutdown -f -r -t 32400

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

hey panic!
Thanks for replying back. That solution is great but i do have a software to do that. so i dont have to really execute the shutdown as a batch file.

but based upon that it hit me that i could close programs anyway :slight_smile: so i saved a .bat file with

“taskkill /f /im Azureus.exe
taskkill /f /im uTorrent.exe

so thank you :slight_smile: