Command line parameters for Comodo Antivirus ???

Hi All,
I recently came to know about the command line scanner for Comodo Antivirus, see Version 4.0 : 03 March, 2010 release notes here Comodo Firewall | Get Best Personal Firewall Software for $29.99 A Year.

Version 4.0 : 03 March, 2010

* What is new in COMODO Internet Security 4.0.x?
  THANKS! COMODO would like to thank all of the BETA testers who voluntarily joined the beta testing program and provided the feedback about the product.
* NEW! Seamless Live Expert help Integration
  This version has a built-in Live Support for getting instant help from the experts for any type of problems.
* NEW! New User Interface Theme
  A new user interface theme has been introduced with this version.
* NEW! New Web Based Installer
  Now, there is a single setup file which downloads and installs the required products according to operating system the computer has. The product installers are created with Microsoft Windows Installer for native installation/uninstallation support.
* NEW! Integrated Sandbox
  Proactive Defense i.e. Defense+ now includes a built-in sandbox which combines file system/registry virtualization and least-privileged user account principle in order to combat with unknown malware.
* IMPROVED! Default Deny Protection
  Defense+ now automatically sandboxes all unknown applications/executables until they are analyzed.
* IMPROVED! Significantly fewer number of popup alerts
  Defense+, with the help of new sandboxing technologies, has a more powerful default security policy while having significantly fewer number of alerts compared to previous versions.
  Also in this version, Defense+ and Firewall, by default, do not create automatic rules for already known safe applications.
* IMPROVED! Popup alerts layout
  The new popup alerts now include additional options which allow the users to take COMODO Time Machine snapshots or set Windows system restore points, submit suspicious files for immediate analysis.
* IMPROVED! Antivirus Engine
  Antivirus engine is improved for better detection and cleaning. The new engine now has disinfection support for the infected files.
  A new command line virus scanner (cavscan.exe) has been introduced in order to address the need for scanning the computers in windows safe mode or scanning files transferred from MSN etc.

Would anybody please tell me CAV’s command line parameters.


Was this topic ever addressed? I have searched everywhere for info about the command line parameters but have come up empty. :frowning:

Is there anyone here who can point me in the right dirrection?