Coming soon: COMODO Mobile Security Suite

No offense, but how do you image clicking on every alert, charging your battery? SmartPHONES (at least by me) are used to make phone calls, not to have advanced hips mechanism… and clicking “Accept” for every request, (how many malware for android have we got? how many of them are “in the wild”?)

Do not make our phone like a tanks, because there is no need to make costly, useless (on androind) Defense +

The phones today are pretty advanced and people use the more than just calling and sending sms, mms and son. By the time Comodo announces their IS, the smartphones will have quadcore cpu built in. If people care about their money and being secured they will take the time to read the alerts and take a decision.

The more unique as well as feature-filled, Comodo’s applications are the more attractive their products will be.


When Did you release the First Version out for testing i Hope that will Androide and blackbery os, Windows phone os and the Other One in the smartphone World Be supportet

Something interesting to read

that report is junk, they are missing some of the biggest vendor name sin the industry such as kaspersky, dr.web, avg, lookout, norton, etc. They tested some unknown programs and said, look it does not work.

they tested only free versions.

right, other then kaspersky, all of the others have free versions. I am using dr. web right now and it has a free version.

How does it compare to Lookout Mobile Security?

I don’t have an Android phone, so I can’t test it out.

Downloaded it and it have many nice fetures but the process manager crach evrytime i try to start it :confused: but i did test the scanner or as comodo say health check disscover that i hade Accapte unknown program to install to andriod on so it nicely ask to turn that off. the same for USB debugging it ask to prossed to turn it off. in looks lookout looks better but have futers turn off for premium servis that comodo have for free i hope ;D
but it have a nice summary for Process Manger Software Manger Call/SMS blocking and Private Space :slight_smile:

But it works fine on my Samsung Galaxy Mini whit andriod 2.3.5 ;D

For the free version of Lookout, it has a Locate feature which is nice. Say if you lose your phone in your house or something. :stuck_out_tongue:

Will Comodo be adding a Locate/Lost&Found feature?

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