Coming soon: COMODO Mobile Security Suite

Hi Guys,

We will be using this board for the discussions on our upcoming comodo mobile security product.

Fingers crossed.

Nice :slight_smile:

My smartphone is ready and waiting. ;D

Mine too, can’t wait.


I dont have smart phone.

You can give me Comodo Cloud AV Beta or CIS 6 Beta to play :slight_smile:


i do have smartphone but its an old school windows mobile 6.1. it would be nice if we could get something to play with hopefully this month sometime

Nice .s60 , android , windows mobile vs. ??

Are you going to be making a basic antivirus for the IOS operating system?

for Windows Mobile?


no android

what all will be used to protect phones in comodo mobile security suite

most awaited software from COMODO… :-TU

Can you specify the platform eg;- android , ios , windows ,etc

this has been stated many times. its android

yes i know melih had said androiid but still wanted to clarify since the post refers to mobile security and there are several OS for mobiles
Sad :frowning: i dont have an android :-TD I wonder when will i buy/get one ???
anyways its good to hear Comodo is increasing its boundaries hope they take over the competition by this wonderful free product

Any option for Blackberrys?

could add the java platform this is good platform for a antivirus or suite

Support ;D

Support :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

found this interesting video video

D+, in one form or another, is needed in case the av doesn’t detect it through signatures or heuristics.