Coming from Zonealarm...

new Comodo user and still used to Zone Alarm. From improved security when starting with firewall on a new machine I consider every program blocked and then I allow everything manually, even basic Windows processes.

Here I see that many programs even if I stay in safe mode are automatically allowed. This is nice, but I’d like to access the list of programs Comodo already trusts to double check it.

How can I do ?


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thank you for your answer

however there I see the programs already authorized to run or to access internet

what I’m looking for is a list of software predefinitely trusted.

For example after default installation with default parameters, if I launch explorer or firefox, comodo says nothings it let them go.

If i launch a game that tries to go on the internet, comodo warns me

if i try to remotely connect to a ftp site using total commander ( ftp client ) comodo lets go

what im looking for is the list of programs that comodo trust or automatically let go on the internet, without warning me

The white list Comodo uses is not accessible for the end users.

If you want more control over CIS you can set it to Proactive Security under Miscellaneous → Manage My Configurations.

For extra control you can set D+ and Firewall to Paranoid and Block all mode. That can be done under D+ → Advanced → Defense + Settings and Firewall → Advanced → Firewall Behaviour Settings