Coming back to android 5.1

Hi all,

So I’ve been on Windows Phone for the past year and the Lumia 530 I was using is growing tired so I’m venturing back to Android, namely the EE Rook Pay As You Go Phones | Pay As You Go Mobile Phones which is cheap and has the latest Android OS version.

By default the phone will have Lookout installed on it which can be disabled. I plan to run CMS again though I’ve noted it’s not been tested by since March. There should be a new release of test results for whatever products they’ve tested this time round in a couple of weeks. Any idea how it’s performing since 3.0 release?

Also, I note that there isn’t a call blocking or sms blocking feature with the latest CMS version. I think in Lollipop you can set the Messenger as the default app which apparently allows SMS blacklisting but if anyone has any recommendations for that #, it would be greatly appreciated.

Once i get back into it, I’ll be able to assist moderating this board, well as much as i can, I’m a busy bloke.



My other phone options are the Huwawei Ascend Y550 and the EE Harrier if I fork out a little more but still making my mind up ahead of getting it later this week.


Hi eric,
We made a new Antivirus app because its next generation with new engine and new user experience. Instead of cramming everything into one application, our users wanted us to seperate and empower them to choose which features to download or not.
We are going to add more advanced features on CMS.
I would like to invite you Join our CMS beta user group. You will use latest version on time.


Made url clickable. EricJH

Enjoying testing the latest Beta version.

Are there plans to include CMS in the testing anytime soon? The latest test results were published today an CMS hasn’t been tested since 3.0 came out.

I’m not hugely concerned as CMS dectects things well. It’d just be good to see how it currently stands up to the competition.