Coments on network rules


I’ve recently installed Comodo’s firewall and anti-virus. I might say that i’m very happy with them. They don;t take as much resources as other AV and FW applications and they seem to be doing a great job. Even greather than other payed apps i might say. I especially like that it is clear what the fw is blocking and what it’s allowing and informs me or asks me for its actions.

I want to suggest that comodo’s developers add a posibility for some kind of comment on the rules in network monitor. It’s not something that the program couldn’t go without but i think it will be helpful for organizing the rules. For example if more than one person use the PC and set rules, they could in, in one look, tell what are the rules for. Like if you open a port for a specific app lets say BitComet, you write in the coment - “this rule opens a listen for that Bitcomet”

Thank you for the great program, your work is appreciated!

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I agree that it would be nice to be able to name the network monitor rules.
You can add it to the wish list.
I think that it’s already in that list, but you can check it out.

I also agree. It happens to me to have a look at my rules, and start to think… Why on Earth did I make that rule for ??? ? And I’ve only been using CFP for about 3 weeks. I wonder what will be after a few months ;D

A little comment for each rule would be very helpfull.