Comdoo fail security test

Hi, i tested Comodo with this app:

Failed different tests.

Disable Auto-Containment and put Comodo to Proactive Security mode. Have HIPS enabled on Safe Mode, allow the execution of test and then block all other follow up HIPS alerts.

The HIPS in Comodo does not monitor Apps Contained by Sandbox.

Alternatively, you can put the Container to Restricted level and disable UAC completely, then do the test again and it will block all intrusion attempts.

This app has not been sanboxed. Once opened the app perform some test.
Is incredibile you click on spy than open a bloc note digit text and the test app are able to read all what you are typing.

Seems bypass totaly Comodo like a keyloggers.
Also the app are able to put an exe in autostart Windows folder, edit Windows registry, ecc.

All protection Comodo settings are active, virus scope, HIPS, Containment etc.
I tested 360 Total Security and immediatly has blocked this test app.

You are testing it wrong. Comodo does protect against it. You have to disable the Containment for HIPS to see the test being performed and block its actions. You have to disable Windows UAC when running the test in the Container otherwise the test will be ran with Partially Limited Restriction level instead of chosen level.

Also disable Cloud Lookup and remove Datpol from Trusted Vendor List, also remove the test file from File List.

Why I’m testing it wrong? I cannot understand, i tested with my Comodo Internet Security settings and the program was free to do things and read what i was digiting. I never allowed nothing.
However i unistalled Comodo and now my PC is much more faster.

It’s the way Comodo software works internally. Do the mentioned steps and you will notice Comodo will block all of Spyshelter tests.

Antitest is a trusted file that’s where it goes wrong in the first place. To test it in combination with the sandbox you need to run it sandboxed. You either run it in the sandbox manually or set antitest.exe as Untrused. The latter will also help to test the HIPS.