Comdo Uninstall Problem [Resolved]


I took a look at the sticky and I couldn’t find the problem for this.

I’m wanting to re-install Comodo (The Latest One)

And When I’m trying to do a clean install I get this message:

“cfpconfig.exe - Unable To Locate Component”

This application has failed to start because framework.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem"

And a little more search of the problem founding the “framework.dll” file and I placed that file in the firewall folder and I try to uninstall the program and I get this message:

“cfpconfig.exe - Entry Point Not FOund”

The procedure entry point - Create Fram Work [ at ]0 could not e located in the dynamic link library framework.dll

Any Ideas Please?

Thank you

(:m*)PM an online mod to open thread if issue returns



Just a guess, but it sounds like your installation of Microsoft’s .NET Framework might be corrupted or it needs to be updated or reinstalled.

Failing that, you may need to run the BAT script contained iin the thread for removing CFP. Be sure the registry is clean of any remnants from previous installations of CFP.

Hi thanks for coming back to me,

I noticed however the stickeys at the top of the forum in regards to this issue and there was a file released made by a member of this forum and the programs is called CFP_3_File_Registry_Cleaner and that certainly did the trick!

Rob :wink:

Ah, glad to hear that resolved your problem quickly.

We have a lot of contributors here who’ve pooled their knowledge about this fine product, and we hope you’ll join us in helping others down the road.

Best regards, and welcome to the forum, RC.

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