Comdo Problem in Firefox

When I go to this website I get errors in the Error Console like: Warning: Error in parsing value for property ‘clip’. Declaration dropped.
Source File:
Line: 18
Warning: Expected color but found ‘#0000’. Error in parsing value for property ‘color’. Declaration dropped.
Source File:
Line: 50
Please Fix that and I hope it helped some. The Site comes up great and I’m using Firefox 3.0.5 here.

Hi Princess Snowflake,

I am running Firefox 3.0.5 here too.
Never experienced the described problem with current or previous versions of Firefox.

What Os are you running?
Have you tried browse Comodo site using IE? Please run such test.
It seems to me that it is your local System problem, for example with HTML handling or it could be something with Firefox profile.

Another thing to consider is trying to eliminate interference by any Add-on(s) in Firefox

Please run Firefox in Safe Mode (not the computer Safe Mode) and visit this site. Sometimes Add-Ons may bring very funny strange side effects.
If Fox in Safe Mode will not produce errors you posted start searching for that particular Add-On by disabling them one by one. Unfortunately that could be time consuming

My regards

My Operating System is Windows Xp Home Service Pack 3. I ran that test with no errors in Internet Explorer.

Thanks for reply, Princess Snowflake.

You see? So now it is time to find out what is with Fox.
Have you tried
Start > All Programs > Mozilla Firefox > Mozilla Firefox(Safe Mode)


You’re welcome and I tried that but the same thing happened the same errors in the error console.

Well, if that is happening in Safe Mode, it is better to visit Fox Forum.

You may find some by searching, and sure guys there are very helpful and friendly (most likely you know that). From my experience though one of the first advices there would be trying with new fresh profile. So, basically you can do that before asking there. You will not loose your existing profile… there is a comprehensive instruction about that.
(forgot my own advice) do that annoying investigation wit Add-Ons first

I hope you will find the cause soon (share your findings, please :wink: )

My regards

What plug ins for firefox are you using to not to get those errors on this site? Just asking and I’m curious. I will ask about it and I will share the findings also.

I’m not sure that it is possible to answer such question.
I can list 37 Add-On(s) I am using, but I cannot possibly know all existing which are not in use here and don’t cause this particular Error. Another point was that sometimes it could be a combination of individual profile and the same Add-Ons we are both using.
Errors could be less than funny. Once Fox stopped me from creating New Folders in Bookmarks properly. I had to go though disabling add-ons one by one as described. That did not give a result.
Then I found that it was a specific Theme ??? VistaAero, which caused the problem… go figure!

Thanks and I tried everything you suggested still the same error.

Hello again, Princess Snowflake

Well,… the thing is if we use our friend Google we can find a lot from the past

Please use just this quoted part of the Error you provided and it will give you more recent similar requests

Error in parsing value for property 'color'
For example in the link below read comment by [b]cor-el[/b] with references to Knowledge Base If that won't help, then having that info; Error(s) and your configuration; visit Fox-forum, create a case and I am sure you will find the answer because you are not alone

note: don’t pay attention that the particular request was for Firefox 3.0.3


I was told to ignore those warnings as long Firefox works properly. :THNK