Comdo/Avast Settings?

Just wanted to know if I need any special settings for CFP I had v3.0.15.$ installed and had many hang ups inclusing uninstallation. Off topic was wondering if this was due to ‘Clean PC’ mode as it sounds like from the description, is meant to scan for vmaleware. Does this create a conflict like when you have two firewalls or AV scanners running? The reason for this thought was brought up through installing Outpost Firewall Pro (not Internet Security Suite)which automatically shut down "Maleware’ protection due to Avast being installed.

Any comments and suggestions for settings will be greatly appreciated!!! (R)

Hello HyJax,Defence+ has a built in “On Demand” scanner which shouldn`t interfere with you antivirus real time scanner.Do you have any other security apps running?


Other than Spybot not really.

You should be okay with Spybot,i have it on my system but have disabled teatimer now Defence+ is in town.This is a personal preferance and doesn`t seem to have affected speed much.
There are a number of threads concerning Avast,have a browse and see if any help point you in the right direction,or does all seem ok now.


Can’t say everything okay, but willing to give new release a try.(3.0.17)

Will post if anything goes wrong.