Comdo and Yahoo mail issue

Why do I see yellow and green arrows on my comodo icon in my tool bar, when I am in my yahoo mail account and clicking on the arrow to go from the trash bin to the inbox?

and why at the same time am I not able to go to the inbox from trash, when I click on the inbox button in yahoo mail?.. the page just sits there and never changes, and every time I click on the inbox button, the green and yellow arrows appear on the comodo icon and the page doesn’t move. Instead, I have to close my yahoo mail account and sign back in?..very frustrating!
I set up my comodo following Chine’s tweaking instructions.
I am a home user who just surfs the web. I m not a computer programmer, and I use windows XP

Are you logging into this mail account through the browser?

Also, do you have the browser sandboxed or is it just running normally?

I always log into my yahoo account using Firefox.

Far as I know at the moment, Firefox is running normally and is not sand boxed.

Is there a way for me to see what is sand boxed, and if there happen to be something in sand box that I don’t want to be there, is there a means to get it out of sand box?

I don’t think Firefox is sandboxed. As with your other topic again I believe the problem rests with Firefox itself. Can you please try another browser and see if it works correctly with that browser?


Sure I will. however I am unfamiliar with browsers. I actually know of just Firefox and internet explorer. would u suggest some that u would like me to utilize in order to fulfill your request. Thanks

You can test this with IE and see if it works.

SO yes i see the green and yellow arrows stlil appearing on the comodo icon when I use I.E. or Fire fox. and I have learned that is ok and no cause for alarm. good to know. and for what ever reason, I am not experiencing any issues now with going to different sections in my yahoo mail. Hurray! you folks must have installed some corrective instructions in one of the comodo updates recently to correct this issue, you folks act fast and are on top of things! Thanks for doing so! ! :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what solved the other problem (although my guess would be from your other topics that it may have been caused by addons), but I’m glad to hear that it’s solved. Please let us know if the problems with going to different sections of yahoo mail return.