Combined only, no firewall alone?

Hi guys)

I’m not sure whether it belongs here, yet I would like to learn if there’s a modern separate standalone and tiny Comodo firewall + HIPS (under 100MB)? Or 200+MB CIS bundle only?

Frankly, I don’t really need those buzz & whistles and would like to decrease the overall load to the system, because even if Comodo (especially comparing to most competitors) is quite robust yet tolerate to the resources, extra features do eat up rather much cpu/mem/hdd occasionally.

Yes, I would like a clean lightweight firewall+HIPS version for Windows7/8.1 x32 without other features/addons. Is there any? Or use CIS with all the other features disabled?
Just to make sure)

I still wouldn’t like to consider Comodo’s rivals, so:
1) is it ok to use outdated and abandoned CFP? (regarding Win7/8.1)
2) is it possible to remove unnecessary unused modules (say, AV, Sandbox and so on) from the HDD/SDD?


If you have installed CIS go to CIS in the Start Menu and choose the option to Add Remove Components and uninstall the AV.

The release topic provides download links to CIS, CPF and CAV: . Unfortunately those installers are all 200_ MB in size.