combination with cis

Hello. The newest versions have been fantastic. I will admit I have problems with the earliest versions but Melih and his group have improved incredibly in a very short time,and are still improving.How many companies that charge $50 or more and never update or almost never–and I dont know any company where you can interact with the CEO hisself. Dont let these naysayers discourage Comodo. Im trying their Dragon and like it and know it will get better just like the rest of their software–p.s. it is faster that ie. and/or firefox. So what if they make money-- isnt that why companies exist in the first place. I thoink these people who downplay their free products are plants from Norton etc. Anyway my quesion is that currently IU have CIS 13 Prevx 3.0 paid and
threatfire. I am keeping CIS-- Am I over duplicating something?ie. can I safley unload prevx of threatfire?Thank you very much for your time and again BRAVO to Melih and everyone else. I wish I could send some caital to show my appreciation but recently I was laid off just like 13% of everyone in the U.S.A.-- Thanks to this wonderful new president et al. :o

If the products are offering the same features, then you are duplicating. You don’t need 2 firewalls but 2 can co-exist without too many issues.

You don’t need 2 active AV either, having 2 or more AVs active at the same time will most probably cause issues. Sometimes it is good to have a passive AV as well as an active one, so you can get a second opinion when a threat is detected.

Multiple HIPS can co-exist, but it becomes a drain on resources and is not necessary.

I don’t know much of Prevx, but it does not seem to offer more or different protection systems/method than CIS, so I would say you can remove.


Just use CIS by itself. If you still feel insecure ??? ??? ??? ??? Scan with MBAM\SAS every now and then.