combination CIS and threatfire

1 week ago, i saw prevention test videos on threatfire. it failed completely and they didn’t released new version past 2 years. so i also wanted to test it, but along with CIS.

30 minutes ago i downloaded, installed and updated threatfire 4.7 and my machine already has CIS.
so, i used both in this prevention test.

10 minutes ago, i executed nearly 40-50 latest malware or zero-day threats, and the protection is amazing.
both cis and threatfire worked perfectly and blocked all the threats. this test is prevention test so i run all the threats. But yesterday, when only CIS installed(without threatfire) i executed 4 threats and on the 4th threat, it bypassed CIS and infected the system.

i changed some setting in threatfire and CIS. so now i realized that, with this two, nothing can bypass and infect the machine.

so if we change some settings in threatfire it will do perfect job.

when you say the 4th malware bypassed cis what do u mean. was there active processes in memory after restart? was it ransomware or cryptic malware which encrypts users data?

can you post links to the virustotal and valkyrie analysis of that mwlare please

when i stated testing, first 3 trojan ransoms are blocked by CIS and threatfire. and next one i.e., 4th trojan ransom, cis treated it as unrecognised and patially sandboxed. so it restarted my system but after restart it is not active.

so, i changed partially limited to limited in CIS, and executed all the trojan ransoms in malware domain list and all these are limited by CIS then i submitted all of them to Comodo.