Comado Update Link does not lead to any updates

For the last few months, I have receive a notice from CIS telling me that I need to update my version. If I click on the link, I am directed to a page where I can purchase the Pro version or download the basic version. There is not an Update. If the update IS the basic, why is it that the site does not make that fact clear to me? I do not want to download that and then find out later that it is just a temporary version and to get the full version I need to pay again. :o

Pay again? Are you using CIS Pro? What version?

No, I was hoping not to have to go pro or pay anything else. However, some sites do give a “free” download but it really is just a temporary “free” program. After a while, to continue to use it, you have to pay. That is what I want to avoid doing. Is it just the downloading that is free or is the program free? I really only need an upgrade since I already have version 3.5.57173.439 . If that is the latest version, why am I getting notified that I need to upgrade?

I just notice the fine print… it says it is just a 30 day trial version… I hate hate hate when companies do that. Makes me what to change to Norton (:AGY)

Jim, not sure what you have downloaded, go here click the green button. It’s free for life