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Hello and good day. I’ve searched using the search function, but I couldn’t find any, so here goes…

Does Dragon specifically can be configured to support color management? I tried the shortcut “hack” but it was not possible. Or, is the problem lies in chromium? I’ve read that Chrome for Mac does support this feature.

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Hi aBg_rOnGak,

There seems to be no problem with Chromium or Chrome on Windows (or Chrome on Ubuntu).

In the image Dragon with incorrect colours is to the left and Chromium 23 with correct colours to the right.

Was it –enable-monitor-profile you tried? Actually the comment says

On Windows, converts the page to the currently-installed monitor profile. This does NOT enable color management for images. The source is still assumed to be sRGB.

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Yep, the the command line I tried…

I love Dragon’s settings’ page, and I feel more secure with Dragon than Chrome…so without using Chrome >:-D, how I’m gonna have color management in Dragon :(???

I think we need an answer from a developer, as I see no setting, flag or additional command-line that might help. :slight_smile:

I recently learned that colour-management was added in Chromium 22 (see issue 143 and revision 147361), so no surprise it is not working in Dragon 21.

Since Chrome 22 stable has been released, Dragon 22, with colour-management, should be available soon. :slight_smile:

The Chrome Stable release that rolled out this week also includes support for ICC v2 profiles. This is a fancy way of saying that photographers (and other digital artists) who work with wide-gamut color spaces won’t have to worry about converting their images to a different color space in order to enjoy their original richness online. The below side-by-side example illustrates the difference that this could make in photographs.