Collecting my Certificate / Step 5 Installation

OK, I’m just starting my adventure … and sorry for this silly question:

Background: my boss takes care of the administrative work such as requesting the certificate and paying for it. I’m the technie who’s doing the dev. on Visual Studio/C#, to code sign the company product. We are not using the same computer ;).

Step 5 Installation: On the link he received, at the step 5, I read “ensure that you are collecting your certificate on the same computer that requested it from”.
So my boss collects the certificate since he requested it from his computer and I (somehow) install it on my computer ?



Checkout the knowledge base here:

It might be as simple as exporting it with private key, and importing onto the other computer.


Thanks for the hint. There is certainly a lot of reading on that page, esp. for somebody starting out. Also many PDF to download, not sure if they are of immediate use.

So this step “collecting certificate” may install the certificate on the admin computer doing it, but it can be extracted to be installed on the dev computer. Quite unlike other software licences that you buy and install on the dev. machine.

Thanks again !