Code Injection

I’m about ready to switch over to Comodo to give it a test run as soon as the new update comes out.
Can anyone tell me if it offers any control over code injection?



Not sure about the right answer, maybe someone more knowledgeable than me will give right answer.
HIPS of v3 does protect from many things (on picture). If you want protection against buffer overflows take a look at Comodo Memory Firewall.

Anyway, if you have some scenario and ready-to-use exploit, i will try to test it against latest version of v3 in my VM.
What think? :slight_smile:

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I dont have anything for you to test sorry. The firewall that i’ve been using does have a form of injection protection so I thought i’d ask about this one.
I plan on keeping my old forewall for my old computer but it wont run on vista so im going to run Comodo on the new one. Comodo seems to have some of the capabilities of my old firewall but not all from what i can find out so far.


CFP v3 has full-feature hips implemented (Defense+). It should protect you from everything (except BO, for which there is Comodo Memory Firewall).
I’m sure you won’t be disappointed :wink:

Yes, CFP does detect code injections & alerts the user when they are detected. DLL injections/hooks/etc is a common method adopted by Firewall Leak Tests… check the Leak Testing/Attacks/Vulnerability Research forum for sample tests of these types (note: read instructions carefully).

BO is going to be integrated into CFP soon, right?

Yes, Comodo Memory Firewall will be eventually Integrated into CFP 3.



but do you know when?

“Yes, Comodo Memory Firewall will be eventually Integrated into CFP 3.”