Code 19 Error

Had installed Comodo Backup to check the program out and then needed to uninstall it. After uninstalling the program I discovered that my flash drives were no longer recognized in My Computer when plugged in. But my antivirus software scanned them upon insertion, go figure. All the removable devices are shown in My Computer, they just don’t show any activity when a flash drive is plugged in.

I then checked Device Manager and found an error listed under System Devices. It is called the Virtual Disk Bus Enumerator. I’d like to upload a pic to show what I’m talking about but don’t see any provisions.

I’d also noticed that this was addressed in a previous topic and checked the “Technet” link that was provided in the topic. It pertained to CD/CDROMs and since it didn’t seem to apply to my flash drive problem I dismissed it. Further in the topic discussion it was noted that deleting the instance of the errant VDBE and rebooting may correct the problem. I’m not so sure about that either. Because you see I have an HP with WinXP Home (SP3) op system installed. A restore partition is also located on the same drive. So, I don’t have a WinXP Home diskette to reload any drivers and I don’t think the machine will enter the partition to get the original driver. Therefore, I’m not sure if a deletion could be restored. Previously I tried updating the errant driver and nothing could be accomplished. I’ve been to HP’s web site and have found no drivers for this specific device.

I might add that I have wireless Inet, wireless mouse, usb printer and external hard drive and these are all working for now. I’m very reluctant in deleting the above errant device until I can be assured that it can be restored without unintended consequences.

Now, do you have any updated information or solution on this topic?

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Got it. Here’s the screen shot.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Thank you for the screenshot and all needed information in it.

Apparently the driver of CB did not get uninstalled properly. Right click on the Virtual Disk Bus Enumerator and choose to uninstall. Then reboot and see if that did the trick.