COB 1.0 beta 6

Comodo Online Backup beta 6 is out!

Your client should upgrade automatically when you start it.

What’s new:

  • You can have COB installed on several PC since 1.0 beta 5.
    Now different PCs can back up or restore simultaneously - one PC doing backup/restore (scheduled or manual) is not preventing other PCs to do the same.

  • The way of determining which files were modified since last backup has been made more reliable while speed improvement of 1.0 beta 5 is still there.

  • You can now pause/resume running backup when necessary

Please let us know about your experience with new version!

If you have no Comodo Online Backup account yet you can request one here:

If you experience bugs etc. please report them here:


(1) Automatic upgrade (beta 5 > beta 6) - No Problems ! :-TU

(2) First scheduled backup with beta 6 - No Problems ! :-TU

(3) Other product features are working as expected. (I’ll let you know if I manage to break anything.)


Thanks for feedback! Nice to hear that!

Everything running great here also, :wink: but I do get a message everytime before a backup ‘cannot load job file’
After clicking ‘ok’ the program backs up as normal.


no problems good job COMODO :-TU :-TU

Any more invites going?

I am very interested in testing this service.

How do I download COB 1.6?

Thank you

im new in COMODO, but I veeeery happy!! good job!!
How do I download COB?
& have plans to spanish language for the GREAT COMODO?