Co-branding CFP now for free :)

Hi Guys,
Exciting news for you all. We are going to let any one sign up for co-branding COMODO Firewall Pro for free!!
We will make a sign page available, where all you have to do is provide following:

1- Name
2- Email ID
3- Name which will appear on top-left CFP logo as 'Provided by : " and same will appear in About dialog also.
4- Setup name prefix of your choice. (e.g. _CFP_Setup_3.0.15.277_XP_Vista_x32.exe)

Once you have signed up, you will be able to receive setup links within 48hrs via mail, which you can publish wherever you want to and can also re-disribute this setup.

So you have COMODO Firewall Pro co-branded and hosted for you all free!

We plan to make this public on 31st Jan, 2008




Cant wait


I might sign up for fun and make it so it says Provided by : Ragwing :BNC

(:CLP) Comodo Firewall Pro Ver Ragwing :THNK sounds interesting

Amazing. Now computer support companies can offer comodo with their name on it as well. Smart idea to get comodo offered by other companies or security sites.

As soon as the skinning tool is out it will be even better. Comodo name on the firewall with a custom skin of the other companies so it is their very own while still advertising comodo.

So this is going to be released tomorrow…you better!!

That sounds awesome. I’m looking forward to that.


Okay where is it? Anyone out there?!

Hi umesh,

How does one check the integrity of such redistribution?

… from security point of view… (:WIN)

My regards

why does this matter?

Cos if they have access to that distribution network, they can distribute anything they like anyway, including a fake CPF!


cant wait!!!
it’s the time,but where can i find the sign page?

So when is this coming out again?

It’s planned for 15th Feb, 2008 now.

Plan it for 14th and you get a cookie umesh. I can imagine some geeks branding their CFP for their sweetheart on Vallentine’s… XD

Comodo Firewall Pro 3 Love Edition? :o
I think I’ll make a skin for CFP 3 and name it Ragwing Limited Edition :smiley:

That would niceee:) Havent thought of it before:)

How about making a pink skin with red text too? (:WIN)

EDIT: Maybe not, people might think they’ve got infected with the ILOVEYOU worm!

I will name it Comodo King Midas Edition (:LGH)

Ok so where is it… :P0l I’m watching this!!

Hi Guys,
It got delayed, but finally there: