CNET'S "Editor's Choice" recommendations

I’ve been using Comodo Security Suite applications now for several weeks after finding out about the products on PC After enduring 10 years of other spam filled and bloated “market leader” offerings, I find the application interfaces and functionality to be extraordinarily well thought out and effective. In reading’s reviews of competitive products, I have to conclude after experiencing comodo’s offerings then comparing them to CNET’S “Editor’s Choice” recommendations that the editorials are way off base and should favor Comodo’s software in fairness to readers.

Two ideas that immediately come to mind are to license the suite updates i.e. virus patterns in bulk to Universities and Schools for Students, Cable Internet Companies and Microsoft with private labeling and their own client push messaging option for intranet communications. The built in Windows Firewall just can’t compete which begs the point why bother. Additionally the free offerings for users of various Cable Internet and DSL providers are barely adequate in most cases and detrimental in others because of application overhead. Finally, after downloading the daily Windows Security patches yet again, Comodo’s philosophy is uniquely reminiscent of the “netiquette” days gone by…

I would like to compliment Comodo for a truly well engineered and visually striking software suite. Thank you very much Comodo! NETVET online since 1996(:KWL)

E-mail CNet then, but their making money by advertising ZoneLab’s products, you know what I mean, cha-ching!!! haahaahaa… (:TNG)

Hi and welcome to the forums and Comodo! Being a member of Cnet for some time, breaking the record for winning weekly help forum, (:NRD) (:KWL) and helping out in the other forums there, I have seen a many statements by the editors, while I harness no hate to them or anything of the sort, their tastes lie between the expensive on one end and poplular advertising on the other. I believe the other statement was Cha ching? If you download something from there, you will “almost” always see a difference from user ratings to editor ratings. But to be all fair, it is a task to try all the software and I believe they do their best in the “download” department. However the higher ups are still thrown on top of course like ZA, among others. It’s all marketing but like many other sites they use this for $$$. Comodo is one of a kind and I have stuck with them as well, and watch as others fling childish attacks at Comodo, wishing they could do what Comodo is doing for users. Comodo scares the heck out of other competetors and will continue to do so. Glad to have you aboard!