Cnet malware free ????

can anyone explain this?

[attachment deleted by admin]

also had probably had combined hit off virustotal but mistakenly deleted the screen shot…oops sorry guys :-[

Yea CNET is notorious for providing the same downloads as other websites, just with lots of adware spyware or whatever other forms of malware in addition to the regular application you download.

That was in the past. However I did notice they now have their own installer wrapper around each file they host…

Yep, and you’ll also notice that Gizmo’s Freeware has removed all links to CNET. That’s because of their installer.

good on gizmo :-TU

also Cnet supports SOPA/PIPA


What’s in their installer wrapper? I encountered it once and thought it was annoying and did not look into it any further. I hadn’t used CNET in years and this new wrapper surely makes me avoid it (as opposed to I did not bother with CNET).