CMT was "stolen" from Horizon systems?

I found this on the Horizon systems forum in a thread that compares CMT to Rollback RX.

"FYI. The Comodo Time Machine is compiled from an earlier versoin of Rollback Rx source code (v8.0) which was illegally sold to them by a partner.
We’re going through legal process for this matter currently regarding this matter. What we can say is that Comodo does not own the IP and thus would mosty probably not be able to continue any constructive development on the product.

RollBack and EAZ FIX are now on V9.1 and will be developed well into the future. "

Posted by Nick10 a horizon staff member. Date Posted: 06-18-2010, 06:47 AM

Source is here:

Is this true ? Is this where Comodo got the code for CMT from?

If this is true and Comodo does not own the Intellectual Property rights to this software then how can they develop it and improve on it.. legally, they cannot.

he writes

“which was illegally sold to them by a partner”

That’s something else then “stolen” if you ask me.

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Sorry to say this but why the f*ck should comodo do such thing? comodo is a big big company that has money to invest to develop things on their own. Comodo does not equal Iobit; iobit did steal malwarebytes signatures.


I don’t know. Companys always accuse other companys on this sort of thing. That’s why there are courts to separate fact from fiction. Although IObit did steal malewarebytes signatures is true

While the case is still in progress, I’m NOT taking the word of that one person in that forum, I rather take the word of the judge of a court THEN the one persons accusations any day :-La

we legally licensed it basic code and fixed up many bugs and expanded the code further. We have now developed majority of the code ourselves, retiring much of the licensed code as it was full of bugs. We innovated and applied for patents for new methods within our CTM.

If anyone has a problem then they are free to get in touch with our legal dept to take things further. Going and posting silly stuff in the forums only goes to show they don’t have a legal case and simply wanting to throw mud cos CTM being free is killing their business.

We have not heard from Horizon Systems ( i noticed that they made this false accusations in June…6 months on…our legal team did not hear anything and we continue to develop and improve CTM and make it available for FREE).


Ronny -
I meant stolen in the sense that this third party was not supposed to sell the product.

Valentinchen -
This person Nick10 works for Horizon data systems and gave this information in an official capacity. In his mind at least there must be some truth to this. In other words - he’s not just making stuff up.

Microsoft and McAfee are big companies that have money to develop things too, yet history shows us they have both been dishonest in business practices when it comes to acquiring new technology.

As far as IOBIT. they may be as much a victim as malwarebytes. It was released recently through Wikileaks, that the Chinese government has hacked into many American government and business servers to steal data. this data they then sold to Chinese business to boost productivity in the businesses.

The IOBIT story broke over a year ago and they have never has any disciplinary action taken against them and insist that Malwarebytes is mistaken. This may be true if IOBIT did get their data from a third party and didn’t know it was stolen data. Consider - it seems that up till now, malware bytes hasn’t been able to prove it’s case in a court of law. IOBIT’s website is owned by an American company. they have never been ordered to shut down the IOBIT website.

I just saw Melih’s post. Thank you for your answer.

Melih, thanks for your words.
I’ve translated CTM and was really worried about this thread.
But, really, the development of CTM is not at the level we will expect from Comodo.
If it was full of bugs, now it’s not that far.
If you could do something, do develop CTM. Thanks.

Most certainly if we get CTM to run stable in our systems.

There are technical mistakes (or just FUD) in this thread.

  1. CTM works with VMware. Virtualbox limitations prevent the correct use of CTM.
  2. CTM does not require a reinstallation all the times (although some upgrades need it).

There is some fair complains:

  1. Lose of everything (we asked for a rescue CD).
  2. Possibility of messing MBR.
  3. Rollback is (or seems to be) TrueCrypt compatible, while CTM isn’t.
  4. CTM had stable released but very poor ones followed them.

i wonder if CTM is really not compatible with truecrypt,
cuz i have never had any problem with ctm i decided to try it protecting and encrypted partition
i noticed the 2.8 dont let me have truecrypt installed, but i “bypass” this issue
i made a new partition of 3gb and set truecrypt to encrypt it, save some data on it and then intalled ctm,
i set it to protect windows partition and the encrypted one (unmounted).
now with ctm installed i save more data to the encrypted partition and check if the old ones were ok.
then i choose to delete some files and decided to uninstall ctm and see if the encrypted partition stay in his current state
and there were not any problems

i think the only way to have problem with this is if while a install of ctm, we check to protect a MOUNTED partition,
but im sure, no one who know what is doin ever do that.
in conclusion i say ctm works with full disk encryption with no problems
note: i did it with my actual pc (not VM)

Valentin, your loyalty is sorely misplaced. Horizon have been developing Rollback for at least 5 years. I know because I’ve been a user for as much. Then out of the blue comes CTM. The instant i downloaded the first iteration of CTM i knew it was a blatant rip off. In fact as has been revealed, it was the old Rollback v8.0 code, dressed up to look different, but undeniably still Rollback. Shame on Comodo.

Do yourself a favour and download Rollback and take a snapshot… Look familiar?
Run “Snapshot Defragmenter” … Look familiar?
Restart and hit the Home key…sound familiar?
Look at the Rollback console and navigate some menus…Look familiar?

Should i go on?

Please, do some basic research before exploding in these forums with nonsensical dribble.

The only thing that Comodo own in CTM is the profound way they’ve managed to botch up the code. Never have i read anywhere else so many systems irretrievalby damaged.

Sadly, CTM is casting a bad light on Rollback because of all the problems they’ve had and still have. Rollback V9.1 is light years ahead of CTM (not surprising since their the actual inventers) in terms of reliablility, dependability and functionality.

Melih’s affirmation

fixed up many bugs and expanded the code further. We have now developed majority of the code ourselves, retiring much of the licensed code as it was full of bugs.

would be laughable if it wasnt such a serious failure. Has he been reading these forums? Most of the problems listed here are unheard of in the Rollback forums.

This whole situation is discusting and dishonest.

okey I will look at it but I am quite sure that comodo won’t go that low to copy/steal the program; Melih won’t win anything of steal Horizon’s products.


you understant wron
CTM is endeed a copy, but not steal, more specific, most restoration programs are derived fron the same origin
we here are comparing CTM and rollback, but pick a thirth product and you will notice its similar too.
so carfal dont need to blame comodo but valantinchen not need to support to much ctm also

I don’t support anything but I do wonder why comodo would steal a program?Thats why I wrote

And yea it pisses me off to hear such thing.


As an FYI: Comodo did license the source code from one of the original Inventors of this technology.

I would appreciate if you refrained from using defamatory words as this is a legally binding licensing arrangement which is done regularly.


I think that he’s angry because a new version of CTM hasn’t been released in a while. If you were to release one, then he wouldn’t be as mad.

Wow, Comodo has broadened their scope to (CMT) Country Music Television?

It’s seems that Melih bought/licensed the source code from another company and developed CTM. I don’t see any problem that CTM has/had the source codes from another company.

Uh, it was a joke. He had CTM typed as CMT.

I’ve used RollBack RX. It works at sector level, mapping all sectors that get changed on the drive, and undoing those changes when requested to. CTM works at file level, taking note of what files get changed and by how much, and restoring those changes when asked to. This is a fundamental difference in functionality and I don’t see how CTM could have “stolen” it.

IMHO, monitoring at the file level, rather than the sector level, is a better idea, but can induce some overhead, particularly in restoration times. Personally, I’d rather be safe slowly than dead quick. :wink:

RE. “stolen”, Comodo have legitimately licensed the source code. They’ve advised the other party accordingly. :wink:

Ewen :slight_smile: