there wasn’t a program version update for a while now (last was ib June)? what’s up guys? :slight_smile:

The Play Store shows an updated version today 30th Sept. doesn’t appear to be anything beyond a stability and virus signature update. CMS is running smoother on my phone with this version. I still have a the no SDCARD detected in the app manager and I’m testing athe scheduled scan issue now. I don’t have any info beyond that and there is not change to the “what’s new” on the Play Store. The antithieft email setup hasn’t changed either.

Perhaps Ikers can provide more info.

New version released today! My CMS updated to 2.6.2 which added the ability ti share the app to your friends and a fix of the SD card detection which has been fixed!


Odd as the “SD Card is not present” bug is still present on my device after upgrading :(.


Edit: Just noticed the “Improvements on SD card scan for some device models” from your other post. Guess my model wasn’t on the list.

Just a question, I have nexus5 which does not have external sd card. Does this still considered a bug?

Hi Graham,

What is your device model. We can look again for that.


I am not sure if I understand correct but I think it is ok not showing SD card info If you don’t have SD card on your device :slight_smile:

M.W, if you have no SD card, then nothing will show concerning the SD card. This is true of all apps.

Orange San Francisco (GEN2) running 4.4.4 (11-20140805-ZeeLogKANG-blade)