CMS tells me Google Play Store is Malware.

Hello, if i scan my Android Smartphone ( LG G2 Mini, Android 4.4 KitKat) CMS tells me that i should delete Play Store cause it´s Malware (SMS Trojan, Fake, something like this; if i scan now it only says it´s dangerous software). Avira and Antimalware (Malwarebytes) don´t find anything. Is this false alarm? I can´t fully delete Google Play Store (it will be reset to the preinstalled version) and i even downloaded Comodo from this App.

Hope it´s false alarm.

Hi Mike;
It seemd False Alarm. Could you provide below informations
1)What is your Database version?
2)Did you update Database in CMS.


Hi Murat, thaks for the fast reply.

I have installed:

CMS Version: 2.7.4

Virus Datenbank (database) Version: 51

I have the problem since perhaps 2 days and i did update (says it is up to date).

I think it´s a false alarm too, (didn´t download any unknown apps) but i am new to android and thought it would be better to ask :wink: Thanks again.


Hi Michael

I noticed the same yesterday. What’s odd is that neither CMS or database has changed (both latest versions, which you have mentioned). Even scanning offline (without cloud scanning) detected this as malware. I even went as far as downgrading google play store to factory default and then updated to the latest build, but both still detected as malware :-. Also, installed Avast and McAfee and neither of these picked up anything. I have since installed CMS 3 (beta) which doesn’t detect anything so I’m sure it’s a false positive.


Phone: Huawei Y550-L01 (4.4.4)

One of the reasons I am still clinging to comodo …
Gets smarter by every release … I don’t have the play store


Please update CMS database. Could you check your DB version?


Hi MuratG

Do CMS 2.7.4 and 3.0 (beta) use the same DB version?


Thanks for the answers guys.

I have now updated to database version 52. Comodo doesn’t recognice it as malware anymore.

I had the same issue a week or two ago. I updated the virus definitions today and did a Health Check and it no longer detect Google Play as malware.

Please update AV Database.