CMS tells me Barclays mobile bank app is Malware. Package Name:

Package Name:

Device: LG-E986 LGE

Android Version: 4.1.2

CMS Version: 2.7.4

Virus Database Version: 52

Same here buy I’m using galaxy s4 with lollipop.

same virus definition number: 52

first time I have seen any posts on the net regarding this.

annoying there had been no response though.

the malware is picked up as as far as I can remember. cms won’t show me the name anymore as it does not work correctly after upgrading to lollipop. wish there were actual log details of the malware found. seems it’s still in beta.
installed kaspersky and it’s not picked it up so may be false positive? why has there been to update for weeks?? no a good show so far. have comodo on my desktop aswell might have have to desert this brand.

This problem have been solved.
Please update antivirus database on settings.


I have updated CMS. but still have the same issue

I would like to suggest you to use our new version.


Done. But app still think that this barclays app is Risky

Please add click to “Ignore Permanently” on scan result page in CMS


Hello, i did it.but i am wondering if is barclays app free from viruses why you can not just update database to handle it… i am sure that not only is facing with this issue… And also if next time i will receive warning i again should send it and wait respond from forum to understand is it really virus or problem with CMS database???

Actually we solved this problem long time ago and released DB 52. On the other hand We will release latest DB version soon. So that will be more efficent for detection.


Good news. Thanks.