CMS Privacy Advisor crashes launcher and basicly everything

Hello guys!

I have a nice experience with comodo during the years and I wish to remain as a cms user in future.
I have sony xperia sp with locked bootloader and I ve installed cyanogenmod 11 with root. Everything worked fine till i enabled privacy advisor.
Phone boots up but I am unable to enter cwm recovery (i would have a fresh install already)
Usb debugging is off so flashing is not available and settings menu crashes as well since I launch with trebuchet launcher which seems to be the biggest threat by cms. :slight_smile:

Any idea to get rid of this issue?
even anyone could give me advice to get cwm working or turn on usb debugging without using settings page, file manager or google play.

I have a phone now that I cant use. No phonecalls no messages. :frowning:
Please help !

  1. This is not XDA Forums, you are requesting assistance with your firmware (not even stock, btw).
  2. You should know how to get into CWM Recovery (Power+Home+Volume Up at startup).
  3. Only one way to turn On USB Debugging, from the Settings menu.
    Did you do a Nandroid? Enter Recovery and restore your phone.
    This, btw, may be an issue with CM. Have you checked with their development team?

I know this is not XDA forums and my problem is not the installed Cyanogenmod (which run perfect before I enabled privacy advisor)
I know how to enter recovery mode but privacy advisor has su and nicely block boot as well so no recovery available.
I cant do anything in settings menu since it crashes as well thanks to privacy advisor.
I did nandroid, all files are on the sd card but I have no idea after all this how to restore.

I did submit a ticket to the developers but no answer. I have no phone for a week now.

Recovery is separate from everything else. I don’t understand why you cannot boot into it, nor why Privacy Advisor would affect it.

I ve accessed my phone through google android device manager and made a factory reset. I choose cm 11, bye cms.

Same problem on my Samsung GT i9505 under Cyanogenmod 11.
From the moment I activated Privacy Advisor, everything crashed. No way to get into Google Play or the settings or even CMS itself.
Cleaning the cache and Dalvik cache as advised didn’t help.

Fortunately, I was able to boot into recovery mode and do a factory reset.

I suppose non stock ROMs are not supported,
yet I feel CM users should be warned about this.

It’s a shame, really. I love my desktop Comodo, and I was hoping to get the same kind of protection that HIPS provides on my mobile.