CMS on Android 2.3.4?


I have never used CMS before but I am wondering as to why it doesn’t support My Android phone? My Android is version 2.3.4. Is my Android version not supported? I would like to know the requirements for CMS on Android, and I can’t seem to install in on Google Play.

Additional Info:

Phone: Model #: ZTE-X500
Updated Android version of phone.

Are you referring to the Play Store?
Try DL’ing from the Forum instead. That usually works.

Yes the play store, and why should I have to download from the forum??? That defeats the purpose of having it on the play store and can really prevent anyone who has a similar android phone to mine from using CMS.


Your problem is not related with Android version, but it is related with the screen resolution. It is under the mininum supported specs. That is why Google Play does not let you download it.

You can get it from the forum link as John suggest. It might not look good on your device but I guess it will work.

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Is there anyway CMS could be resized for smaller screens? I don’t see why the only reason I couldn’t download it on Google play was because of my screen resolution. I can use other security apps, and download other Comodo apps from Google Play, so why should CMS be made any different?


CMS could be different because we have different (and more elegant) design goals. We see that the device trend goes for higher resolution screens as well.

As I already mentioned, you can use the forum links to install it to your phone.

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I can confirm using the forum download works on my lower resolution phone. I just doesn’t display some of the text at the top of the main page.

P.S. Loving the 2.4.3 changes! Finally Device Admin is back and CMS is listed in the App Protector so you can self protect CMS! Well done on the latest results in the as well with 99.1% detection!

[EDIT] Also well done on fixing the Cache Cleaner element which now works!!!


How would I download from the forum? I don’t see a link on the main post here:

Any release that has a comodo download link will do, I believe the last release has one bottom of this page.


Forum download link is:


I installed the latest from the link, another thread, while at work.
I will test this out over the next several days.
Thank you, btw for the update :slight_smile: