cms makes my phone silent

So this is why my phone was in silent mode and I missed like 3 phone calls? ??? I was wondering why the hell my phone was in silent mode. Honestly developers, this isn’t an issue you fix with the next big update weeks/months from now, it’s something you fix asap, test, and send out asap.

I’ve emailed the project manager and waiting on a response.


Like many, I’ve had no choice but to uninstall CMS.

Same issue on my LG E610. Missed call and my phone is going to silent mode. Very liked this software - so many options for free but with that issue and no updates (still 94.0 for about 7 days) gived me no choice - uninstall and now looking for other mobile security.

Hello, the problem will be solved in the next edition.

May I ask roughly when the next edition will be released? This is a big issue and unless I hear “a few days or less” I will have to uninstall and go with something else in the mean time.

I just looked over this thread, and I have to say I’m glad I don’t have to use this software. An issue like this should not happen (actually this sentence really should read cannot happen).

What assurance do CMS users have that something like this will not happen again?

can you tell me what you use? if you use an Android phone.
follow your tutorials with great interest and I trust your judgment.

I don’t have a smart phone. I use a phone dumb enough it couldn’t get infected if it wanted to. :wink:

Sadly, I don’t have any well thought out advice for mobile security. I’d just like to make sure that Comodo has put extra safeties in place to make sure that something like this doesn’t happen again. I assume they have, but it would be nice to have reassurances from them.

:slight_smile: ok, not a bad idea.
thanks for your good advice.

Same :cry:

omg I thought it’s my fault. I’m using xperia J (jelly Bean 4.1.2) phone went to vibrate mode. bit I’m not going to uninstall CMS. please fix this.

Hope they fix this soon :). In the mean time, running Avast on both our mobiles. Once fixed, will re-install CMS again.


and that’s when exactly ??

This, to me, is something a fix should be released ASAP for. Not later with an update, but now as a maintenance release.

I second that :-TU


I’m also anxiously waiting and have had to search for an alternative product while waiting for the release but I’m still here to help as and where I can. Today I PM’d them asking for an ETA.


can we share your conclusions, because we dont have too many solutions. i tried bit defender free, but his impact on program data is too large (is cloud antivirus). avg and anty AVL consume too much battery. the rest can hardly be counted due to weaker detection. hardly detected adware in particular. looking especially free programs.
please tell us your conclusions.

Update: Had a PM back which indicated that it will be fixed “very soon”.

Choosing a temporary alternative is no easy task. The TechSupportAlert guide is a good place to start: Anti-virus software for android – an overview - Gizmo's Best

As are the 6 month results AV-TEST | Antivirus & Security Software & AntiMalware Reviews but it’s more about consistancy that necessarily what a product scored in the latest results.

Personally, I’ve bounced back and forth I quite like Avast even though access to the program is slow when you enable the pin protection. They’re at least updating the product regularly and usually quick to fix issues and FPs. This isn’t the be all and end all. I also like TrustGo’s approach which I’m currently using and has pre-analized milions of apps and tells you if it’s to be trusted or not. Both options have the surfing protection and extensive features. I don’t need the web protection for browsing as I use Opera and Opera-Mini which checks the URLs against the list and has their own blacklist of malicious sites.

Anyway, fingers crossed that CMS gets corrected very soon as the Devs have indicated. Hopefully the above mentioned sites will at least give you some guidance.


(Edited: Avast pin protection slowed down my phone so I’ve switched back over to TrustGo for now which is lighter on resources on my older phone)