cms makes my phone silent

after i received a phone call comodo put my pfone on silent.
im using the last version of cms, on my sony ericcson xperya arc s. i unninstal cms and everything its normal. after cms instalation i have the same problem.
its the only problem i have, otherwise comodo its the best.

nobody knows nothing?

Hi Costi,

This isn’t an issue I’ve come across before. Did you also install Comodo Battery Saver or do you run any power management apps? Did you add any numbers to the “Private Contacts”?



Hi,i have comodo baterry saver, i dont have private contacts.
tell me more please. thank you.

That seems to be Sony phone issue (my friend who has sony xperia tipo had the same problem - after she didnt answer the call her phone went silent) .

Sorry, not Sony alone.
Since updating last week, my phone has been putting itself into silent mode. This even happened today after I restored volume, and with the phone still in my hand.

Samsung GT-i9100M Galaxy SII running NeatRom Lite 4.7 XWLSS Jelly Bean.

ok, and What must we do? is still a very good product. it’s a shame not to be used.
thank you guys.

Tested on Sony Live I.C.S and Samsung Fame J.Beam with Comodo defaul install. Before not answered call or message notification the phone enter in silent mode. Both units tested in Safe Mode work well.

yes same problem

after a miscall the phone automatically goes to to vibration mode and later silent this is bad plz fix this problem

CMS PM has confirmed they are aware of this issue and it’s being worked on.


Thank you. hope tis will be fixed soon.

Thank´s it´s a big issue.

Very big bug. Missed calls is not an option.

G8t thanks a lot

Similar problem since latest upgrade unistalled and reinstalled solved the volume resetting to zero

Running some tests while waiting for an update from the devs. I didn’t have this issue previously but when I disabled the traffic monitor and rebooted I got this issue. Simply increasing the volume back to full fixed the issue as it didn’t happen again after that. Anyway, the issue might be the traffic monitor but not certain at the moment.


Increasing the volume, or selecting 0:00 as the time to remain silent does not fix the problem when the next missed call happens.

I have same problem too. This problem must be solved soon. By the way, I love Comodo :-TU

yes … many of my friends r uninstalling :-\

Traffic monitor disabled in 2 samsung & 1 sony mobile, the story continue…