CMS makes my phone reboot again and again

Hi All,

I installed the CMS from Google Play Store, when I try to use Privacy Advisor, the SuperSU will notify me about the permission and I assign the admin permission to CMS, after that my phone gets restarted again and again until I clean my phone via Recovery… I tried several times and almost the same.

And one time I didn’t use this function, and the CMS made my phone restarted again and again.

Any one has any clue about this?

My phone is HTC 606W.


We did not encounter a problem like this on any of our devices. Lets see if anybody else has the same issue on forum. In mean time, we will try to have the same setup and catch the problem if we can.

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Hi ilkers,

Thanks for your reply. Since it is a HTC phone, kindly note this phone is S-ON.

Thank you,

We will consider the S-ON feature as well.

Tested the latest version which was released on Jan 10th on Google Play, and the issue can be reproduced as well…


thank you for the feedback. We did not hear it from anybody else but we are going to investigate it more…