CMS last update


i am using CMS and after last update i have an issue.
When some apps are getting updated or when i try to install some new apss, CMS is checking on them. That’s ok.
But that check goes until i restart my phone. I have tryed to reinstall CMS but i can not. Not over Google Play store or uninstall from phone and than install again.

On attachmenet checker.png you can see applications that have been updated few days ago. That shows every day, as soon as clear the screen it shows again.

Thanks in advance.

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I have found the way how to reinstall CMS, 1st you must deactivate CMS


We just updated CMS. Could you please update it from store and try again?

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i have reinstall CMS and i will let you know is there any progress.

Thank You


sry for waiting, had some business to do. Now it’s ok. CMS is scanning only once when i install or mobile pick up updates.

Thank you.


does not work after the update antivirus