CMS is updated to V1.2.18240.4

Hi, everyone,

We have updated CMS from V1.2.17845.3 to V1.2.18240.4. In this version, we improved:

  • Enhanced the android malware data base to cover more latest malware.
  • Supported higher resolution, 1280x800.
  • Enhanced App Protector to prevent user accessing protected app via long press Home Button.
  • Turned on GPS and WIFI automatically when receiving locate command.

Our team members have being collected your proposed suggestions & will put them in our schedule list. We sincerely hope that you can continuously support our CMS on Android Market!

Product/download webpage:

size: 1.57 MB (1,648,393 bytes)
md5: fd31efaba9765d1b8d7ba76716518b07
sha1: 0c5dcc2147f5e76f13c53ecac983cde254fc7fd6

Warmest regards,


Congratulations with the release. :slight_smile:

it is not coming up as an update. Says this is already installed

Will you add protection for CMS from being uninstalled? In theft’s hand it is not such an useful tool. >:-D

New version does not appear in Google Play in Romania.

March 8, 2012
Current Version:


Anti-theft not working? I just downloaded this program onto my Android phone (Casio Commando GzOne) and it tells me that I have to insert my SIM card before activating the anti-theft device. I already have my SIM card in the phone and use it frequently.

Any suggestions?

read this thread,already a known issue